6 Summer Flowers to Color Your Garden

summer flowers to color your garden

Along with your annual plants, it is the perfect time for you to color your garden! Add more attraction to your garden with recommended summer flowers, we assure you all your neighbors are going to be jealous!

Considering the heat factor, we’ve picked out 6 easy-to-grow flowers. Check them out for a more energetic atmosphere and charming aromas for your garden! Also, don’t forget to take a look at our previous gardening blog on “Regenerative Gardening – Healthy Soil”.

1) Sweet Alyssum

summer flowers sweet alyssum

With its tiny flowers, sweet alyssum or also known as sweet alison definitely loves the sun. It comes in different color varieties, so they’re very useful for different spaces in your garden or even on the walkways.

2) Lavender


These purple beauties with the perfect fragrance will add the romantic setup that your garden needs!

3) Sunflowers


Sunflowers are one of the most charming options among summer flowers! They are gorgeous and they require lots of sun too! Even though we are used to seeing yellow sunflowers, they actually do have lots of varieties.

4) Daylily

summer flowers daylily

The daylily is one of the harder options that we recommend as summer flowers for your garden. They are exceptionally beautiful, but the flower only lasts one day even though there are multiple blooms on each plant.

5) Fanflower

summer flowers fanflower

They come in purple, pink, and white, and these lovely flowers bloom during the whole summer! They’re also perfect for your windows as much as they are for your garden!

6) Begonia

summer flowers begonia

A Begonia is an amazing option for your garden since they come in many colors and they bloom all season! This is the option that you can always count on when you think about adding more attractiveness to your garden!

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