8 Eat-in-Repeat Foods for Your Immune System

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People’s immune systems can be described as the army of our bodies. Especially, since the COVID-19 virus comes into reality in all of our’s lives, there’s one thing all doctors agreed on: your immune system is the only source that can fight off the virus. If you’re particularly in a risk group for COVID-19 such as if you’re overweight or rather older, the best thing you can do is to strengthen your immune system on a daily basis.

Also, all the other treatments aim the same thing to fight the disease. Since COVID-19 started, professionals highly recommend to stay away from foods such as red meat, dairy and of course processed food, and move on to a more plant-based diets for your health.

Before we prepared 10 Practical Ideas to Boost your Energy on our blog page for you, now here are 8 ingredients that you constantly need to consume to fight off the corona virus:

1) Red Peppers

red pepper food immune system

Red peppers are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and beta carotene. While vitamin A helps you for healthy skin and your immune system, beta carotene keep your eyes healthy and your skin, as well. We recommend you add red peppers to your salads and your dishes on a daily basis.

2) Blueberries

blueberries food immune system

Blueberries contain big amounts of antioxidants which help you to boost your immune system. Also, they’re really delicious! You can always add blueberries to your breakfast bowls and smoothies: here’s our blog on the best Smoothie recipes!

3) Broccoli

broccoli food immune system

Broccoli is also a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants, so it’s a great choice of vegetable that you can consume regularly to strengthen your immunity!

4) Ginger

ginger food immune system

Ginger definitely has some superpowers for your body! It’s an amazing source for your immune system for COVID-19 and all other potential diseases that you can face now or in the future. Even though you can add small portions to your food, you can also make ginger tea on a daily basis!

5) Garlic

garlic food immune system

It’s common knowledge that garlic helps our bodies to prevent cold and other diseases. Well, we also know that it makes most of the dishes tastier too! Please, don’t forget to eat some garlic in your food.

6) Turmeric

turmeric spice

Turmeric is the golden spice for your immune system! It helps to reduce inflammation too, so we highly recommend you to put some turmeric to your tea everyday!

7) Green Tea

green tea drink

Maybe it’s time to skip coffee and move to green tea instead! Like blueberries and garlic, it also reduces the risks for cold, and supports your immune system, and it contains enough amount of caffeine that can wake you up in the morning!

8) Kefir

kefir drink

Kefir is a drink that contains healthy cultures of bacteria, and drinking kefir on a regular basis will increase the antioxidant levels and decrease inflammation in your body.

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