Matt and Rick From Horse Listeners Orchard


My name is Matt Couzens, and I am the owner of Horse Listeners Orchard. I started this business in 2007 after working at IBM for 32 years. I started getting involved with horses towards the end of my career with IBM. That led me to the farm which is what I really wanted to do. I had been involved with horses for a long time and they taught me a lot; how to ride, how to be with them, how to take care of them and what their needs are. So to honor them, I named the Horse Listeners Orchard. 

Customers tell us, our stuff just tastes better. When I started getting all these responses from customers, it kind of made me feel like there’s a place for small farms like us.
I think through FoodDock, we will be able to better explain when things are in season and when they are off season, or how do we sustainably take good products and freeze them for later use in January. So our customers still get the local farm product off season in another form.

-Matt Couzens, Horse Listeners Orchard

Being a farmer, basically it means you’re a steward of the land. We do try to do as much of the farming with minimal use of chemicals or fertilizers that we can, and still remain part of the wholesale and retail business. We believe the nutritional value of local produce is much higher, because we can afford to leave it on the trees or on the vines or on the plants much longer. 

It’s a rewarding experience.You have to enjoy the outdoors, you have to enjoy simple things in life. The effort you put in comes back to you, and you enjoy going to work and you enjoy each day. We need to educate the customer more. I think that FoodDock will help to educate people and so, if they would like to, they can come to the farm to learn more about it. 

-Rick Hutton, Horse Listeners Orchard

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